10 Video Game Secrets That Will NEVER Be Revealed

Your secret is safe with us.

MK4 Secret
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Video game Easter Eggs are like a premium currency within communities, greatly enriching the experience and adding memories that linger beyond the title's lifespan. But, they can often be tricky to find, and as such, credit goes where credit is due.

If you happen to stumble upon the answer to a long forgotten secret, you are heralded as a hero and fans will sing of your triumph.

While many of these little tidbits are often uncovered, some are elusive, and remain unknown to communities for years - sometimes decades. Occasionally, the answer is incredibly underwhelming, especially when it turns out the 'secret' is no more than cut content, and the developers forgot to remove any trace of its existence from a game.

So, as you can imagine, there's nothing more frustrating than finding out there is literally no answer or resolution to a secret. Whether it be through dropped plans or scrapped ideas, that secret room or suggestion of something more cannot be solved, ever.

This gives birth to speculation and fan-created head canon - even if it is not necessarily official or correct - but, at least there's something to cling on to when all seems dark.

10. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind And The Pool Of Forgetfulness

MK4 Secret

The Elder Scrolls is an incredibly popular franchise, enriched by its endless lore and backstory which help craft meticulous narratives that extend beyond the in-game ages. Yet, and as with anything so extensive, not everything detail is fully expanded upon.

Morrowind is guilty of including interesting titbits that remain but that, a titbit. While exploring the Sixth House base, known as Sharapli, players can find the "Pool of Forgetfulness", which sounds as though it bears some significance. It does not. It quite literally serves no purpose in the game, despite having such an intriguing name.

It is hard to believe that something with a name so enticing would remain insignificant, even today when Morrowind itself released back in 2002. Had fans been told the Pool of Forgetfulness was cut content, perhaps it wouldn't be so irritating, but no, there is nothing that can offer any sort of resolution.

The possibilities were endless, the player could have wandered into the pool and blacked out, consequently triggering a quest to determine the origin of it, or what its true purpose was. Instead, they are left speculating on what may have been.


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