10 Video Game Secrets You Didn't See Coming

Who knew Scorpion had such varied culinary skills?

mortal kombat cooking with Scorpion

It's one thing to finish a video game and unlock something to freshen up your next playthrough but after a certain point extra hard difficulties, more powerful weapons and different costumes become a little stale. It's not exactly bucking any trends to put our hero in a more badass looking outfit or have them wield a bigger and badder gun.

I mean, sure these things are cool but... what if we made them really weird?

Many games with strong tones can get the biggest of laughs by cracking their own armour with a few hidden secrets that remind players to laugh every now and then.

Sure, this game might seem like all violence and warfare but it is just a video game after all. Developers just want to have fun which is handy because most players feel the same way and are likely to embrace a few silly surprises.

Whether it's iconic stars breaking character or events that truly come out of nowhere, this list is made up of video game secrets that truly surprised us. You might think you've got a handle on a game's tone and mood but then this unexpected unlockable says otherwise.

10. The Vampire - Red Dead Redemption 2

mortal kombat cooking with Scorpion

The beauty of the open world game is giving developers the reigns to go absolutely ham with filling it with whatever their minds desire. The best of gaming’s biggest worlds are very rarely empty and the secrets that can be found along the way is what makes them worth talking about with others.

Both the first and second Red Dead Redemption games have plenty of optional encounters and Easter Eggs to find of course that run the full gambit in style and tone. The original game even started to include a few supernatural things; whisperings and murmurs, theories that one NPC is even a ghost and the unexplainable Strange Man.

However, Red Dead Redemption 2 really went full tint in this direction in ways that players weren’t expecting. The most talked about of these upon release was the vampire of Saint Denis.

Around the location are strange writings that the player can jot down in their diary. When all five pieces are collected, they will form a pentagram that points to a particular alleyway of the city. There, they will find a Nosferatu-like character.

If players choose to engage, and aren’t quick enough, the vampire is one of the few enemies that can kill the protagonist in one hit. And worse, if you haven’t got your save data prepared, they’ll disappear after that one encounter, never to be seen again.

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