10 Video Game Secrets You Didn't See Coming

9. World 1-1 - Dying Light

mortal kombat cooking with Scorpion

Despite being an open world action adventure game about the undead and the end of the civilisation, the Dying Light series has a pretty good sense of humour and always has done. Even before getting onto the subject of secrets and Easter Eggs, Dying Light has a whole roster of ridiculous gag weapons that are designed to put smiles on a player’s face.

Developers Techland wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to paying homage to the various films and video games that have inspired them over the years. In the first Dying Light alone there are dozens of references to movies like Silence of the Lambs and Star Wars, and games such as Zelda and Left 4 Dead snuck into the environment and the script.

Still, there’s nothing quite like the building in Old Town that has a green pipe tucked inside of its chimney. Inspecting it will take the player back to surely a childhood classic of many a Techland dev with a recreation of Super Mario Bros’ World 1-1.

The secret room recreates the entire stage from a first person perspective, complete with blocks, a flagpole and zombie Goombas. Whilst the game is littered with name-drops and dialogue gags, remaking the entire first stage from an NES game in Dying Light’s perspective is truly out of the ordinary.

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