10 Video Game Secrets You WERE Supposed To Find

The Darkness really was an incredible game.

Starbreeze Studios

You hear all those stories about games that have secrets uncovered within their worlds years later, right? Those Easter eggs that remain buried under complex methods to uncover them. Uncovering them is one of the most satisfying discoveries that can be made in the gaming world.

But sometimes, developers put hidden secrets right in front of our very eyes. While some may find these, the fact that they're so obvious can escape from being right under our very noses.

But developers want you to find them, experience them and enjoy them in all of the glory.

So while some delve deep into the game, there's a seemingly endless amount of secrets laying right on the very surface. Utilising pop culture references or simply just being overly silly moment that do nothing to enhance the game, but allow the developers more creativity.

There's a wide range of these that have provided us with many classic moments of discovery and provided amusing moments of recognising the game's attempts at trying something unusual and new.

So, let's delve in and look at ten games that contained Easter eggs that we were meant to find!


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