10 Video Game Sequels That DRASTICALLY Missed The Point

9. Street Fighter V

kingdom hearts 3

It's telling that one of the most celebrated parts of Street Fighter VI is the Modern Controls feature, whereby gamers can pull off even the most complicated special move with nothing more than the flick of a stick and the press of a button. It shows that Capcom has finally understood that gating their seminal fighting series to nimble-fingered experts is a dead end, and that opening up the franchise to players of all levels is the way forward.

Perhaps the underwhelming response to Street Fighter V played a part in that.

To understand why SFV was such a let down, you need to look back at its predecessor. SF IV was celebrated for its back-to-basics approach, bringing in fans old and new after the intimidatingly technical Street Fighter III scared them away. Unfortunately, Capcom's response to this success was akin to a maths teacher introducing students to calculus straight after they'd learnt long division.

Street Fighter V went back down the demanding route of the threequel, only now with even more metres to juggle and mechanics to memorize. Having just brought lapsed fans back into the fold with the relatively laid-back fourth entry, Capcom scared them away again with SFV's focus on technical proficiency.

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