10 Video Game Sequels That Fixed NOTHING

When "more of the same" is the worst thing possible.

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When it comes to continuing popular franchises in gaming, sequels often carry some lofty expectations. They have to match the originals that spawned them, whilst going up against ever-changing trends in the industry overall.

Many of the disappointing follow-ups we've seen over the last couple of decades either buckled under the pressure, or ended up going in the wrong direction. With their offerings ranging from ho-hum to pitiful, there are certain main releases that deserve the badge of shame for failing to move forward.

As a rule here, we're keeping to one game per franchise and staying well away from annualised releases and the changing live-service genre. Not all the games on this list are outright terrible, but for the amount of time and effort poured into their production, they dropped the ball when it came to making worthwhile improvements on their predecessors.

Whether they were riddled with bugs, downgraded from what came before or simply refusing to go beyond the status quo, let's dive into the sequels that stagnated the most.


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