10 Video Game Sequels That Fixed Specific Fan Complaints

From Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Pokémon Sun and Moon, these sequels resolved some big issues!

2K Games

Sequels are a tricky business, aren’t they? Often, video game developers, movie directors and authors alike are left in a bit of a no-win situation. If the original was a huge success, the follow-up is expected to top it, but not risk straying too far from what made the first instalment great.

That’s the delicate balancing act. What’s the only thing fans hate more than a ’lazy,’ laurel-resting sequel? One that completely transforms everything the original did so well. Change too much or too little and you’re in hot water, game developers.

The best sequels, naturally, are the ones that keep all these points in mind. Developers and publishers can always rely on gamers to speak their minds (just take a look at any video game forum or comments section and you’ll see how much fur is flying), so their opinions and feedback can be valuable resources when it comes to crafting sequels.

The sequels we’re going to take a look at today are all from beloved franchises and all benefited from the developer's willingness to fix complaints from fans.

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