10 Video Game Sequels That Look NOTHING Like The Original

8. Final Fight Streetwise

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Final Fight is a scrolling beat-em-up, much like Streets of Rage or Double Dragon. Even though the formula couldn't be simpler, the 2006 entry, Final Fight: Streetwise, managed to screw it up.

As soon as the disc loads up, you will receive an on-screen warning smeared in blood that informs the player the game contains scenes of violence and gore. Since the first level revolves around two bare-chested dudes pummelling each other in a dirty basement, you have to doublecheck if you accidentally popped in the Fight Club CD.

Even though the game does have the street-brawling you would expect, it also has a lot tile-puzzle sections, which clash with the rest of the gameplay. Instead of bashing gangsters and thugs, you have to take on an evil priest who's trying to initiate the apocalypse with his army of mutants. While battling 20-armed monsters and carbon-copies of Bane, it's easy to forget this is a sequel of Capcom's iconic beat-em-up.

Even though this disaster came out 14 years ago, there's never been a follow-up, implying that Streetwise killed the Final Fight series. If the game maintained the same gameplay as the original, maybe the franchise wouldn't have fizzled out.

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