10 Video Game Sequels That Turned Wimps Into Total Badasses

From effeminate nerd to cyborg ninja.

Metal Gear Solid Raiden

Changing the audience's perception of a character is never easy no matter the medium, because first impressions count for a lot.

And so, the fact that skilled devs were able to transform these quintessential video game characters into genuinely cool heroes is nothing short of miraculous.

In some cases the character didn't quite click with players as intended, while in others the intent was always to present them as a bit of a drip at the outset.

But boldly, the decision was made to lend them a brave reinvention in a sequel, whereby fans were left thoroughly rooting for them.

The fact that some of these transformations are so drastic points to how difficult it is for storytellers to shake that initial impression and elevate a character's badassery after the fact.

If all else fails, just shove them in a freaking cyborg ninja suit and let the giddy fan service run rampant, right?

But whatever the means, these 10 characters were all successfully reconfigured as tough, confident, powerful and, above all else, totally badass heroes...


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