10 Video Game Series Netflix Must Adapt

First The Witcher, now what?

Netflix Deus Ex

If history has taught us anything, it’s that movies based on video games are a bit naff. Sitting through a live action interpretation of your favourite series can quite often be a soul destroying experience, on par with being forced to play a 24hr Aliens: Colonial Marines marathon with no bathroom breaks.

However, when Netflix announced that they are set to produce a TV show based on the critically acclaimed Witcher series, the wasn’t met with the usual smug predictions of failure, quite the opposite in fact, as a mass of nerdgasms were reported across the internet.

While this could be attributed to the fact the series is going to be based on the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski and not the games themselves, the reality is, Netflix has been absolutely killing it with their original content. Stranger Things, House of Cards and Narcos are just a few, so if anyone can finally make an awesome live action version of a video game series, it’s got to be them, right?

Ignoring the video game properties that have movies in the works –such as Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted – and games so cinematic they were practically movies anyway (The Last of Us), the following list looks at what could be made into elite TV shows, if given the Netflix magic.

10. God Of War

Netflix Deus Ex

So here’s the pitch to the Netflix execs: A big muscled ex-Spartan general (named Kratos) ascended to become the God of War after killing Ares – the original God of War – for abducting his little brother when they are children and tricking Kratos into murdering his wife and child.

If that’s not selling it, Kratos finds himself embarking on a number of misadventures that usually result in the Spartan dishing out a healthy dose of violence to any person, creature or god who dares to oppose him, while bedding multiple females along the way – oh and did I mention he is also the son of Zeus.

Although it might seem that a God Of War TV show would be a pulpy Zack Snyder style series that would rely on its action set pieces, the show could tone down the intensity by having flashbacks to the events involving his family and led him down the path he leads.


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