10 Video Game Side Characters That Got Their Own (Better) Spin-Off

Who needs Mario anyway?

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Sometimes a side character can be so good that they completely outshine the main cast and instantly become a fan favorite. However, because their debut games aren’t about them, they don’t get enough time in the spotlight, much to their fans’ understandable disappointment.

Fortunately, not every amazing side character is doomed to be an eternal sidekick. Some developers are smart enough to recognize their potential, turning them into stars of their very own spin-off titles.

Better yet, in some cases, these spin-offs turn out to be better than the original, solidifying the potential fans knew was there all along.

Nothing feels better than a good game with a good character you were dying to see in the main role. It’s like a gift that further solidifies the greatness of your favorite sidekick and gives them a well-deserved chance to shine.

For this reason, let’s look at some of the most beloved side characters whose spinoffs completely outdid their source material. If you ever needed another reason to love these characters, these games will do the trick.

10. Daxter - Daxter (PSP)

final fantasy crisis core

Jak and Daxter, like Ratchet and Clank, are a duo consisting of an intrepid protagonist and a snarky, non-humanoid sidekick. Unlike Ratchet and Clank, the two haven't released any new games in recent years, but on the other hand, they do have one of the best-rated platformers on the PSP to boast about.

Well, to be more precise, Daxter has the best-rated platformer. His very own spinoff, which, despite not featuring the de facto protagonist of his franchise, took the entire PSP market by storm.

Titled "Daxter" (big points for originality right there), the spinoff takes place between Jak and Daxter 1 and 2 and follows the furry sidekick as he attempts to find his missing friend.

The reason why the title became such a huge hit is its brilliant mix of humorous writing and well-thought-out gameplay. The platforming sections of the game feel challenging yet satisfying, and Daxter is possibly the only cartoony video game mascot that can make pop-cultural references and have them be actually funny!

Seriously, the movie-themed dream sequences in Daxter are so much better than whatever Gex can dish out! And they're just a few minigames done as a joke!

Maybe it shouldn't be the gecko who gets a remake...


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