10 Video Game Side Missions That Stole The Show

Who needs a main campaign?

skyrim a night to remember

Whether it be jumping on a flagpole and saving the princess, collecting emeralds and destroying the Death Egg, or eating Wumpa Fruit and stopping Neo Cortex, most video games follow a fairly linear path. Progress through levels, upgrade abilities, and uncover more of the story before getting a 'happily ever after' fade to black credits scene.

However, with the rise of open-world role-playing titles, developers have continued to encourage immersion and exploration across their games with side quests and tangents for players to sink their teeth into.

Not being constrained to the themes and continuity of the main storyline, these side quests are often the scenes where developers let their imaginations run wild. Some of the more experimental mechanics can come out to play, there are opportunities to delve deeper into the game's characters and locations, and plenty of spotlight-stealing items and weapons that get tossed in with these missions for good measure.

All of these things often leave a far bigger impression on players than a main storyline of missions that can, at times, feel a bit box-ticky compared to other titles. With that in mind, here are 10 video game side missions that ended up stealing the show away from the main storyline.

10. Gaunter O'Dimm - The Witcher 3

skyrim a night to remember
CD Projekt RED

Gaunter O'Dimm aka. 'Man of Glass' is a powerful individual in The Witcher 3. Capable of controlling time with a mere clap of his hands, he takes a great interest in people's lives, often striking pacts to give them the things they desire most at the expense of their souls.

Players first meet Gaunter in the White Orchard inn, but it is when Geralt finds himself captured onboard a ship to Ofier awaiting execution that O'Dimm reveals his powers. In exchange for freeing him, Gaunter requests help him settle a contract with the immortal being Olgierd.

The mystery behind Gaunter O'Dimm's character, the immense power he wields and the various pacts he forms with people all lay the foundations, however it is the specific chapters involving Olgierd and fulfilling his contract help make this one of the highest points in the Witcher series.

There are some difficult decisions to make along the way in which side of the pact players decide to place their loyalty, which can have some pretty severe effects when it comes to the rewards they claim at the end.


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