10 Video Game Side Quests That Impact The Main Story In A Major Way

They're not there just to fill up the time!

Mass Effect 2

Side quests are an important part of any role-playing game. They allow the player to take a break from the main story and enjoy doing something that has nothing to do with saving the world and fulfilling their destiny.

However, sometimes the fact that side missions are so detached from the main storyline can feel a bit disappointing. It takes away from your accomplishments, as they seem to have little to no relevance to what is happening in the world.

That’s why a side mission that actually makes an impact on the main story can be an amazing addition to a game. It can simultaneously serve as a break from the overarching plot while also being a story device that will come into play during a pivotal moment in the main questline.

The effect of the following side quests is bigger than you might assume at first glance. They are entirely optional, but their consequences can drastically change the way your story ends.

10. Queen Of The Highway - Cyberpunk 2077

Mass Effect 2
CD Projekt RED

The main storyline of Cyberpunk 2077 is easily its strongest suit. partly because of how seemlessly it blends with everything you do in the game. Partially because the only other features it contends with are bugs and a clunky combat system.

Cyberpunk's finale is pretty much entirely focused on V's deal with Arasaka. The player needs to decide if they want to help Hanako Arasaka take down her brother or let Johnny take over your body to find Hanako's brother without her. The important thing here is that, depending on who you helped throughout the game, your decision might come with additional options and outcomes.

This is especially interesting in the case of Panam and her side job, "Queen of The Highway." The mission has you help her nomad family, the Aldecaldos, repel a corpo raid on their camp. If you manage to leave a good impression on Panam, the nomad will not only help you in the final mission but also let you join the Aldecaldos by the end of it.

This is the only way to end the game as a nomad, and let's be real, who wouldn't want to become a Mad Max-type raider alongside a badass like Panam?

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