10 Video Game Side Quests That Impact The Main Story In A Major Way

9. Lords Of War - Wasteland 3

Mass Effect 2

Wasteland 3, like many isometric RPGs, is very mindful of all the player choices. It's not uncommon that the game can surprise you with some unexpected consequences derived from your past actions, including a murderous spin on the game's final mission.

The main objective of Wasteland 3 is to find the three missing children of Colorado's leader, the Patriarch. However, you can also do a whole bunch of side quests in the meantime, some of which give you more insight and options regarding the situation in Colorado.

In the side quest "Lords Of War," the player sneaks into the Patriarch's underground compound to discover his dirty secret: a ruthless raider by the name of Ironclad Cordite. Cordite explains that the Patriarch was supplying his gang with weapons and slaves in exchange for not attacking his settlement.

At that point, the player can recruit Cordite into his team to try and expose the Patriarch. However, you can also help Cordite rebuild his raider army and then storm Colorado Springs in the final mission with the not-so lofty ambitions of murder and plunder.

There's nothing like a quick side quest to turn your team of heroes into a team of monsters.

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