10 Video Game Signs You HAD To Ignore

The best hidden game features you need to see.


When you're slashing through hordes of zombies, soaring across beautiful fantasy landscapes or navigating a perilous labyrinth, who has time to take in a measly old sign?

If these games were a reality, the answer would very obviously be no-one. But we as players often need all the help we can get, so surely any in-game text we stumble upon is a help to us, right? Well...

There are times when reading something in a video game - be it a text log, a poster, or even just a scribble on the wall - can change our perception of the whole experience. In other cases, this writing seems to be there purely to either poke fun at you, intrigue you to the point of doing the opposite, or make you roll your eyes and say, "yes, yes, get on with it."

Most players are probably going to barge past nine out of every ten in-game signs anyway. But even the most ruthless of completionists among us will be forced to ignore these particular ones.

10. "Do Not Use This Lever" - Dishonored (2012)


"It is of utmost importance that you do not open the cage without my approval. Voracious is ill and quite temperamental. Should his cage be opened, he might attack and endanger anyone patrolling the kennel."

Well, that's an accident waiting to happen...and who are you to deny it that chance?

Corvo Attano finds this note in the underground kennels of High Overseer Campbell's outpost. The lever in question is broken off and located in an open cell around the corner, meaning that you have to really want to stick it to this message to deliberately reattach the handle and pull it to release the sick greyhound.

Not only is it entertaining to watch Voracious turn on his owners, it's actually quite helpful, as the lethal pooch can potentially clear the hallway of Overseer guards. He'll attack you too, of course, but as long as you stay out of sight, you can simply sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

Even if you're going for a 'no kill' playthrough, you can still pull this off, as Overseers dying to the hounds do not count as your own kills. In short, if you choose not to ignore this sign, you're really missing out.


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