10 Video Game Special Editions That SUCKED

All that money for THIS??

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When you truly love a series you want to invest in it and it often feels like there's no better way to do that than pay out for that special edition. And, to be fair to the publishers, a lot of titles to put together some truly awesome packages to tempt you.

A lot of people have a real weakness for memorabilia and collectibles, otherwise companies wouldn't continue to put them out.

Hardcore gamers will loudly and proudly despair their love and devotion to a franchise by displaying their collector's pieces; statues, steel books, posters and so on.

But they're not always winners. Just because something comes with a pretty hefty price tag doesn't guarantee quality. Some special editions can be the pride of our shelves, and often times we'll be embarrassed to admit that we fell for them.

From worthless tat to misleading advertising, there's a lot of ways to get stung by a special edition that promised more than it either could or in fact intended to deliver. This list will name and shame the products that fans often shelled our excessive amounts for only to wind up disappointed.

10. Halo 3

marvel vs capcom infinite

One of the biggest video games of all time when it was released, Halo 3 is widely regarded as one of the best games of not just its franchise but of its console generation. Its special editions are one thing that the game didn’t quite get right however.

The Legendary Edition is probably the version most people think of first as it memorably came packaged with a rather beautiful reproduction of Master Chief’s iconic helmet. Whilst all the other goodies were nice, this was the pièce de résistance. Unfortunately, many fans were saddened upon delivery that despite being a helmet they couldn’t wear it as it was filled with plastic.

That’s a shame but it still made for an excellent display item.

The truly sour release from Halo 3’s selection was the Limited Edition. $70 would net you artwork, a book and a DVD that came with the game in a shiny steel book case. As it turns out, a rather poorly designed steel book case.

Forget the disappointment of the helmet, many of those who bought the Limited Edition opened their steel books to find they wouldn’t be playing Master Chief's latest adventure on release day. Several unfortunate gamers’ DVDs and the game discs had come loose and had been scratched in transit, rendering 2007’s most anticipated game little more than a coaster.


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