10 Video Game Stories That Didn't Need To Happen

Why play for hours, when you can hit credits in a few minutes?

Shadow complex

There are some games that give you a definitive ending to its story, while others give you multiple endings to unlock depending on things you did or did not do. That one important item, beating all those optional bosses, or just being a good or bad person can determine whether or not you get the good ending or the bad ending.

However, there are some games that allow you to beat it after just a few minutes of playtime. These are mostly used as cheeky easter egg endings for fans, but at the same time, they render the entire story pointless.

So as a result, here are ten games where their stories did not need to happen at all because of these alternative endings.

10. Sam & Max Hit The Road

Shadow complex

This timeless classic from Lucasarts uses its option for an early ending to the game as funny forth wall breaking joke.

As the Freelance Police, Sam and Max are called by an unknown commissioner to help out the owners of a local carnival. The owners tell them that their star attractions, a frozen Bigfoot called Bruno, has broken free and run away with their second star attraction, a Giraffe-necked girl called Trixie.

The case leads the pair to a town called Bumpusville, where they find a wishing well. Among other things the pair wish for, Sam wishes for the game to be over...and then the game ends.

Fortunately, it’s not long before the game lets you continue, but it was worth it for that rather surprising and funny end title screen. Although, it does make you question why you need to play the game, if its characters can just wish for the game to end.

What really rattles your brain, is when you realise neither Sam or Max wished to find Bruno. Had they done so, the game would truly be over.


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