10 Video Game Stories That Didn't Need To Happen

9. Batman: Arkham City (Catwoman DLC)

Shadow complex

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle both have polar opposite opinions when it comes to crime. Where one is the worlds greatest detective who uses his wealth to hunt down and defeat the villains of Gotham, the other uses her unrivalled cat burglar skills to rob the city of its most prized trinkets.

And this is very much the case in the Catwoman DLC for Batman: Arkham City, where you play as you try to make off with a treasure trove of jewels. However, after securing her latest prize, Catwoman must choose between saving Batman or leaving with her jewels in toe.

If you pick the later, Catwoman does indeed just leave, thinking that Batman will be fine because... he’s Batman. Unfortunately, as the end credits begin to role, it’s revealed that Batman does die and Gotham is torn to shreds by the Joker and his gang.

Now we can all understand Catwoman believing Batman would be fine and wanting to make off with her latest score, but having Batman die and Joker rule over Gotham! That’s an outcome I think we would all like to avoid.


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