10 Video Game Tragedies That Elevated Stories

9. Naked Snake Completing The Boss' Mission - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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Regarded by many as the best game in the series, a lot of what Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater so successful stems from its engaging story. Set in the Cold War, the prequel tale of Big Boss's downfall is anchored by his relation to The Boss, the finest soldier who ever lived.

Throughout the game, we have no idea what she really stands for. Initially it seems like a huge betrayal; after defecting to the Soviets and reuniting with her comrades in the Cobra Unit, she lingers in the background, proving a near insurmountable obstacle for Naked Snake.

All of that changes in MGS3's final act; it is discovered that The Boss never defected at all. Instead, she infiltrated Colonel Volgin's ranks to retrieve the Philosopher's Legacy. When her usefulness was outlived, the United States cast her out, ordering her greatest student and protege to eliminate her.

Snake and The Boss's bond went deeper than being comrades. Killing her at the game's conclusion weighs massively on the protagonist for the rest of the series. Broken by her death and disillusioned with his country, Big Boss's descent into villainy begins. This final gut-wrenching twist solidified Snake Eater's story as the best in the series.

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