10 Video Game Trophies That Made You Do RIDICULOUS Things

These trophies asked utterly ABSURD things of you.

catherine game

Trophies and achievements are part of the lifeblood of modern gaming - those dopamine-delivering digital rewards for doing… things ensure most of us spend far longer playing games than we otherwise would.

And while the majority of trophies are doled out for doing the most basic and expected things in games, like beating levels, felling bosses, and hoovering up collectibles, sometimes they’ll ask you to go the extra mile and do something totally ridiculous.

Hell, sometimes the challenge involved is so unconscionable that players had to think out the box and come up with novel, unexpected ways to basically cheese the trophy.

All 10 of these gaming trophies made you do something you never thought you would, all in the pursuit of an intangible digital trophy you’ll never get to touch with actual hands.

But such is a trophy hunter’s life for better or worse, throwing caution - and, sometimes, logic - to the wind in order to hear that satisfying trophy pop when the hard work is done. And that work has never been more absurd than this…

10. Hail To The King - Final Fantasy IX

catherine game
Square Enix

Final Fantasy IX's "Hail to the King" trophy is legendary for breaking even the franchise's most doggedly determined fans, because it requires you to demonstrate a practically superhuman mastery of the RPG's infamous jump-rope mini-game.

Near the beginning of the game in Alexandria, you're able to approach a group of girls and play jump-rope with them, where a counter will keep track of how many jumps you successfully land without screwing up the timing.

Hail to the King brutally requires players to tap X in rhythm one thousand times without making a mistake - a ludicrously tall order given that the timing of the jumps speeds up the further along you get.

Though a perfect run theoretically takes only around eight minutes, the mind-meltingly precise timing required for that sustained period makes this damn-near impossible the "correct" way.

And so, many players have resorted to a cheeky workaround - loading up Remote Play on their PC and using a script to auto-complete the rope-jump for them.

But even this method isn't foolproof, as it's heavily dependent on the quality of your Internet connection.

It's a whole lotta faff, basically, and though less than 2% of players have collected the trophy, it's fair to assume that the overwhelming majority of them employed outside help to get it.

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