10 Video Game Trophies That Made You Do RIDICULOUS Things

9. The Tower Of The Elephant - Conan Exiles

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Conan Exiles & YouTube: VidGamiacUnlocked

Conan Exiles' "The Tower of the Elephant" thankfully isn't at all laborious, though it is certainly no less ridiculous. 

The achievement description rather vaguely instructs you to "kill something by standing on its head," and in order to pop it you'll need to get a little ingenious with a friend.

To pull this off, you firstly need to go online and meet up with a mate. After this, have your pal stand underneath a platform, at which point you can walk off said platform and land on their head.

Once positioned on top of them, over-encumber yourself by placing heavy items in your inventory, and your sheer weight will instantly crush your friend to death, popping the trophy.

This may be one of the easiest, least-sloggy achievements on this list, but it's still a completely daft ask of the player, albeit one that at least has the good courtesy to be totally freakin' hilarious.

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