10 Video Game True Endings That Change EVERYTHING

Secret endings that change how you see these games forever.

batman Arkham knight ending

Something that's becoming more and more common in video games is the freedom for the player to choose how the story ends. Often, your actions will have huge consequences in the grand scheme of things, and, when all is said and done, the route you decided to take is very likely to influence the game's final outcome.

If you're not aware of this mechanic, or are simply playing in a way that feels most natural to you, you're probably going to be slapped with an ending that leaves questions unanswered, character arcs unresolved and places unexplored, making for a pretty half-baked and unsatisfying conclusion.

Worse still are the dreaded BAD endings, where everyone you meet winds up dead and you're left feeling like the scummiest of scumbags for letting this happen.

With a bit of extra effort, though, you may just come across the game's 'true' ending, which shows things as they were always meant to be. It's not always rainbows and unicorns waiting for you, but however this ending turns out, one thing is certain:

Once you see it, you'll never see the game the same way again.

10. Attack Of The Brethren Moons - Dead Space 3 (2013)

batman Arkham knight ending

While only one possible ending is present in 2013's Dead Space 3, it creates a huge cliffhanger that only a further instalment of the series could hope to explain. In it, Isaac Clarke and John Carver manage to stop the convergence event by the Tau Volantis Moon, causing it to drop down onto the planet and send the two heroes plummeting down into nothingness.

You could easily just presume them dead...were it not for the subsequent DLC, Dead Space 3: Awakened.

Isaac and John, very much alive, fight their way back to the ancient ship, the Terra Nova, and set a course for Earth, praying that they're not too late to stop the inevitable devastation. However...

Entering Earth's orbit, they discover that the Brethren Moons, the necromorphs' final evolutionary stage, have beaten them to it, and are attacking the planet from all angles. As if that wasn't bad enough, a Brethren Moon then appears right in front of the ship, causing Isaac and John to cry out and the screen to cut to black.

So, are they really dead this time? Will the Earth survive the attack? With Visceral Games being shut down, this new cliffhanger will just be even more tantalising than the last. But with the existence of this DLC, the necromorph threat is shown to be far from neutralised, and, unlike the game's original ending, the day is clearly not saved.


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