10 Video Game Twists We Never Saw Coming

A selection of mind-benders that really twisted our melons.


A lot of video games tend to be predictable by virtue of their design.

If you’re playing as the protagonist (which 99.99% of the time you are), you expect to be a somewhat benevolent hero who makes the world they inhabit a better place. If this wasn’t the case, you’d feel pretty rotten about all that horrible stuff you’d been doing to virtual people over the last five or more hours.

Unless you're playing GTA, of course, in which case literally anything goes.

As such, when video games unleash cruel twists of fate upon us and our avatars, they tend to be even more shocking than their cinematic or literary counterparts.

It’s always overwhelming to discover that a movie character has secretly been evil or unhinged, but when a character you have physically controlled for hours upon hours is the bad apple, when it's ultimately your fault, that can be even more devastating.

Perhaps the most observant of video game detectives were able to suss out some of the following rug-pulls beforehand, but the majority of players were completely blindsided by such unforgiving and memorable twists.


Liam is a writer and cranberry juice drinker from Lincolnshire. When he's not wearing his eyes away in front of a computer, he plays the melodica for a semi wrestling-themed folk-punk band called School Trips.