10 Video Game Unlockable Characters NOBODY WANTED

I'm sorry... who are you?


One of the most cathartic experiences one can experience when playing a video game is when you hear that sweet pop of the digital bank vault opening and the title doling out an unlockable reward. From firearms to brand new modes, the sweet feeling of earning something for continued or skilful play is one of life's true satisfactions.

And things get even better when you finally unlock the ability to play as new characters, often changing up the way you play the game and resulting in fresh experiences even in the most well worn of titles. However, these ten entries are not of that ilk and instead are unlockable characters that will make players furious at the hours wasted to get them and even leave them scratching their heads as to why these personalities were ever included in the first place.

It's always nice to engage in a bit of digital dress up from time to time, but these alternate skins, characters and costumes are just gathering dust and being eaten by moths because NOBODY wanted them.

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