10 Video Game Unlockable Characters NOBODY WANTED

9. Roll - Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Tekken Doctor Bosconovitch

To begin with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is utter chef's kiss. From it's aesthetics to it's incredibly cheesy but brilliant soundtrack and the fact it's one of the most robust fighting systems even by today's standards, it's a joy from start to finish.

And the roster? Well it's packed with all your favourites, hell you can even play as a hulking Sentinel if you fancy it. However, there is one absolute stinker in the group and that's Roll.

Where to even begin? For a start she's listed as a "joke" character but I bet that no-one was laughing when they realised her moves are much weaker than MegaMan's (who she borrows her moveset from). She's also one of the slowest members of the roster thanks to her tiny legs. In fact on the game's wiki, under advanced strategies it simply says "pick someone else"

And to top it all off she even has added LAG due to the fact that some of her moves require her to equip her weapon, which in a fighting game which requires perfect timing in order to stay competitive is an absolute death knell to her usefulness. Do yourself a favour and roll over purchasing this puny pugilist.

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