10 Video Game Unlockable Characters NOBODY WANTED

7. Fred Durst - WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It

Tekken Doctor Bosconovitch

Right. OK. So let's just address the elephant in the room. Yes, Limp Bizkit have had some absolute bangers in their time and without Mr. Durst and his cohort we wouldn't have the chilling experience of seeing The Undertaker scream to the ring on his motorbike to the sounds of Rollin'.

However, does that mean that anyone in their right mind would want to play as the self appointed hard man of nu-rap in Just Bring it? Not in the slightest. Especially seeing as the requirements to do so were unusually difficulty. As The Undertaker you'd have to take 15 enemies on a Last Ride under the slobberknocker match type to unlock the backwards cap wannabe brawler, which is no mean feat to begin with.

While it might have been amusing to witness Fred Durst's custom intro the first few times, the novelty wore thin when you realised that this unlock spot could have gone to ANY other wrestler and produced a bigger pop. Hell even getting the OLD Undertaker costume would have provided a greater reward, but as it stands this was less Just Bring It and more Just Bin It.

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