10 Video Game Unlockable Characters NOBODY WANTED

8. The "Armed Forces" Character - Timesplitters Series

Tekken Doctor Bosconovitch
Free Radical

I never thought I'd see the day where I'd critique one of the finest FPS titles ever made. But here we are.

One of Timesplitters' most interesting features, outside of an incredible multiplayer suite, was that the roster of characters was utterly absurd in both what you could play as, and the sheer number of options available to you. Floating snowmen, undead deer, a robotic goldfish in a bowl, and so many more could be unlocked through challenges and hitting personal best times.

However, not all of these were fit to split and were a bit more... well... s**t.

The Trooper, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Captain characters are four such brackets being just faceless or stock armed forces that sometimes have some bizarrely challenging requirements to unlock. Imagine getting through the arcade league and barely scraping a gold trophy after hours of play to be rewarded with a faceless goon!

With other members of the roster being so strong, there's honestly no joy to be had unlocking these palette swaps and I doubt they saw any use other than as bots to take out your anger on.

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