10 Video Game Villains Who Could Have Saved The World

These guys had the power to change everything, but they threw it all away.

For a long time now, villains in video games have become as iconic and interesting as (if not more than) the heroes, due to a focus on creating entertaining and intriguing antagonists; the kind of guys that people love to hate. Many villainous characters aspire to rule or dominate the world but very few actually manage it. Those that do though, tend to have an unbelievable amount of power and wealth at their hands - the sort of things that can really improve or save lives. The great tragedy of villainy is that powerful and mighty dictators have the means to change the world and make it a better place for the majority of people - they're just too darn evil to notice it. Alternatively, the bad guy may have had noble intentions or was genuinely developing something life-changing, but an accident or a sudden bout of insanity prevented them from putting their world-saving work into practice. This article looks at the evildoers who were in positions to potentially save their world or improve it in some way, but instead opted to rule, conquer or destroy it. If you can think of any other villainous types who fit this bill, leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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