10 Video Game Villains That Bend Time And Space Itself!

8. Tim - Braid

Half-Life Alyx G-Man
Jonathan Blow

Jonathan Blow's ingenious puzzle-platformer Braid is a really interesting one, given that players aren't even aware that they're really playing as the game's villain until the very end.

Players control protagonist Tim (that's one letter different from time!), who possesses the ability to manipulate time at will, an ability he must use to solve puzzles and traverse the game's world.

Tim is attempting to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped by a monster, yet in the final level, everything except for Tim is played in reverse, showing the princess seemingly fleeing from a grotesque knight with Tim's help.

But when time runs forwards once again, we see that the princess is really fleeing from Tim, who is the monster attempting to ensnare her, while the knight is confirmed to be a legit hero.

Though Blow keeps the particulars of the story intentionally ambiguous, the ending nevertheless makes it clear that the player has spent the entire game controlling one bad, time-manipulating dude.


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