10 Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

9. King Logan (Fable III)

assassin's creed iii 3 haytham kenway

So after many hours and trials in Fable II, your hero is dead and it turns out their eldest son - now King of Albion - is a tyrannical nutter. Taking over the role of the younger sibling, the first encounter with Logan is his forced decision between killing a group of protesters, or your love interest.

It soon gets worse as it becomes apparent Logan is wilfully ruling over a continent of high taxes, slavery and corruption. So, as token protagonist, we do the honourable thing and lead a coup d'etat against brother dearest and install ourselves as king.

Unfortunately, this is when the player realises that there is an imminent Crawler threat approaching Albion, capable of wiping out almost the entire population of the continent.

As king, the player can either fulfil their promises and rule benevolently – however, this makes raising money for the war fund extremely difficult, likely resulting in almost all civilian life being wiped out on arrival of the Crawler invasion – or they can rule as a tyrant, raising money for defences, while also turning your people against you.

Logan chose the latter – not because he wanted to be an evil tyrant – but because it was the only way to save Albion in the long run.


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