10 Video Game Villains With The WORST Motivations

9. Mark Jefferson - Life is Strange

Far cry 3
Square Enix

In a twist that nobody saw coming, it is revealed that Mr. Jefferson, Max' famous photography teacher, is Life is Strange's true antagonist.

Littered throughout the game's five chapters are a hints that pompous rich-boy Nathan Prescott is hiding some deep, dark secrets, but upon discovering that Jefferson is the puppeteer for Nathan's actions, the player's expectations for the remainder of the story are thoroughly extinguished.

Jefferson's motivations are just as shocking as the reveal of his villainy, but for all the wrong reasons. After strapping Max to a chair, he explains that his hunt for the perfect photograph relies on the innocence of the subject, and to capture that innocence he has to do a vast collection of villainous deeds.

After binding Max to a chair and revealing his motivations in a very Bond-villain fashion, he tells Max that he intends to kill her after the photographs have been captured but, thankfully, Chloe's stepfather intervenes.

Surely Jefferson's plans would have been uncovered far prior to the events of the game, and if they weren't why did nobody suspect him sooner?

Probably because nobody in their right mind would have believed such a silly motivation.

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