10 Video Game Villains You Didn't Want To Kill

Killing one of the best characters in gaming history hurts even MORE.

Portal 2 Wheatley

Every so often, we come across a character in video games that we just love to hate.

We’ve all felt that Stockholm Syndrome at some point, cornered by our antagonists as they tell us all about their plans, and how hard their lives are, but we just can’t help but admire these villains for their wonderful designs, motivations, incredible voice acting or fantastic fashion sense.

Perhaps we just feel too damn guilty from empathy to want to deliver that killing blow of righteous justice.

There are just some video game villains that you don’t ever want to leave, and in some games, they're even more beloved than the protagonists.

10. Andrew Ryan - Bioshock

Portal 2 Wheatley
2K Games

True villainy comes in the form of a man who clearly has nothing left to lose, and chooses to use his last moments to strip you of your humanity, and kill himself to prove a point.

The creator of the giant underwater paradise of Rapture, Andrew Ryan is posed as the main antagonist throughout the campaign of Bioshock. We make our way gradually towards what we assume will be a big confrontation with an epic villain.

However, in a fantastic, game-changing twist, the confrontation ends with Ryan basically forcing you to kill him.

The player character, Jack, is brainwashed in such a way as to obey any orders following the phrase “Would you kindly.”

Ryan, in a last ditch attempt to thwart the real villain, activates Rapture’s self-destruct sequence and then promptly orders his own self-destruction at your hands, by way of golf club. The whole sequence feels so wrong, it’s emotional and confusing, and we are left with no choice but to carry out the deed.

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