10 Video Game Villains You Didn't Want To Kill

9. C.H.A.D. - Super Meat Boy


Compare C.H.A.D. to a little round animal, perhaps a puppy - one of those Shar Peis with the wrinkles, perhaps - or maybe an overweight bunny rabbit, or a happy little capybara. C.H.A.D. is also a perfectly innocent little organism, with big eyes and a cute little face, who only wants to give you a hug.


It’s a shame he’s actually a gigantic animated mass of blood and tissue that causes you to explode as soon as you touch him. Cute, Huge and Deadly, C.H.A.D. is the boss of Super Meat Boy’s Hospital world, and you encounter him alongside the wonderfully hectic “C.H.A.D.’s Lullaby” music. Manage to evade him long enough and he will shrink to an adorably tiny size. Now much less threatening, instead of hugs, C.H.A.D. just wants a kiss.

Meat Boy is having none of it, however, his heart firmly belonging to the kidnapped Bandage Girl, and he even goes as far as kicking the tiny little clot right in the face. C.H.A.D. is brutally injured, but still insists on puckering up his lips for a smacker from his attacker. The guilt! To make matters worse, Meat Boy grabs what looks like a pillow, and slowly makes his way over to the little injured fellow.

Did... did we just smother a child to death?!

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