10 Video Game Weapons That Cost Players Everything

For everything... a price.

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A hero (or villain) is only as good as the weapon they carry - and there cannot be a person among us who is happy with a standard, stock rifle, a dull iron broadsword or a bland blunderbuss in the games we play. Microtransactions might have made it easy, albeit costly, to access some truly unique looking weaponry but some of the best weapons out there cost an awful lot more.

Some require the player to complete gruelling challenges and others task the willing victim to grind like they've never ground before to truly reach their potential but do the ends justify the means? Most of the time they absolutely do not but you cannot possibly know this until the toil is over... unless you have access to the internet, but that is cheating and you should be ashamed of yourself if you read a list of how to obtain awesome weapons, no matter the cost...

...well, not ashamed but... you know what I mean.

Good things tend to come to those who wait, but those who work hard and make supreme sacrifices are not always adequately rewarded - as we shall now learn.

10. The Frying Pan - Fable/Fable TLC/Fable Anniversary

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By no means is this the only entry from Lionhead's Fable series but way back in 2004, the original Fable told a fantastical tale of Heroes with very wobbly moral compasses. A joyous romp through Albion hacking and slashing all in your path was complimented by a raft of unique weapons the player could obtain by various means - collecting Silver Keys, satisfying Demon Doors and even just by shopping - but one sticks out above the rest:

The Frying Pan.

When you consider that melee weapons in Fable ranged from the humble Stick all the way to the Sword of Aeons, it beggars belief that literally the most powerful weapon in the game is a long handled whopper of a frying pan with a Tom & Jerry-esque face imprint emblazoned upon it.

Why is the cost for this so high? Well, six fiendishly hidden treasure clues must be found and they really are tricky to locate, even for seasoned players - but that's not the problem, as everyone loves a treasure hunt. Instead, on a replay of the game, you probably know where this monstrous weapon is and would make a beeline for it as soon as you leave the Guild.

However, if you dig up the 'Fabled' Pan before you have all the clues, it does zero damage and the original title saves when you dig... so you better hope you saved recently but you probably didn't. Sheer pain.

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