10 Video Game Weapons That Create Fates Worse Than Death

Sticks and stones may break their bones, but these puppies will break their souls.

Shadow Of Mordor Mind Control Brand

When you look for the best weapon to use in a game, you mostly focus on its stats and how fast it kills your enemies. However, not every great weapon can be boiled down to simple numbers and statistics. Sometimes, the true value of your arsenal comes from how devastating it feels to those who stand in your way.

There are a number of video games that boast a collection of weapons designed not just to kill, but to make your enemies suffer. Their goal is not so much to be an effective weapon as it is to be an entertaining tool of torture. In fact, sometimes these weapons can do their job so well that they start making you question your own humanity.

Why just stab someone when you can trap their soul for all eternity? Why just shoot them when you can melt their brains away and then cause them to turn into an infectious bomb? Whether you're secretly a sadist or a morbidly curious individual, the following weapons might be just the thing to scratch your itch for cruel violence.

10. The Probe - Destroy All Humans!

Shadow Of Mordor Mind Control Brand
THQ Nordic

Destroy All Humans has a large selection of weapons that could easily qualify as violations of the Geneva Conventions. Crypto's arsenal includes things like lightning rays that disintegrate people, beams that turn them into infectious zombies, and a flying saucer that is capable of destroying entire buildings.

However, the most horrifying weapon in the game isn't even technically a weapon, but rather a research tool used by Crypto to extract brain matter from unfortunate victims.

The aptly named "Anal Probe" helps Crypto gather human brains by entering a person's body through the back end, then traveling all the way to their brain, where it finally explodes and sends the victim's head high into the sky.

Of course, the game plays this gruesome process off as a joke, but let's be honest: if a green mass of energy was crawling through your intestines and then shooting out of your neck along with everything on top of it, you would be doing more than just running around grabbing your butt...

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