10 Video Game Weapons That Create Fates Worse Than Death

9. Rift Inducer - Ratchet And Clank

Shadow Of Mordor Mind Control Brand

The Ratchet and Clank series is known for its wide selection of weird weapons. From guns that turn enemies into sheep to dance rays that cause everything on the battlefield to get the Saturday Night Fever. However, not every weapon in the games is so whimsical and fun. Sometimes the weirdness manifests itself in the form of a pretty disturbing concept.

Enter the Rift Inducer—a gun capable of spawning portals to a dimension occupied by a huge Eldritch monster with spiked tentacles and ravenous maws. The game calls this creature "Fred," but don't let his ordinary name fool you. The moment he enters the battlefield, Fred wastes no time creating mass terror. His long tentacles start pulling every enemy in range into his portal, where, according to the game, he devours each and every one of them.

So yes. While you could just shoot your enemies and give them a quick and merciful way out, someone needs to take care of Fred's botomless stomach, and you just so happen to hold the key to his interdimensional cage.

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