10 Video Game Weapons That Create Fates Worse Than Death

8. Brand - Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Shadow Of Mordor Mind Control Brand

The Orcs of Sauron are supposed to be the bad guys of Middle-earth, but as you play Shadow of Mordor, you can't help but feel as though it was Talion and Celebrimor that acted as the true villains of the game. Not only do the orcs have more vibrant personalities than them, but the ghastly duo is also quite fond of using their powers to torture and abuse their victims.

Though it's not really a weapon, the Brand ability in Shadow of War is far more effective at breaking down the orc hordes than any sword or bow in your inventory. The magic power allows you to inflict a punishment that any orc fears more than death—eternal humiliation.

By casting the brand and marking an orc with a burn in the shape of your hand, you doom the poor creature to become an outcast within his own tribe. He becomes a laughing stock that can't hold any position of importance, which eventually crushes his soul and drives him to insanity.

In fact, if you feel especially cruel, you can actually use the Brand ability multiple times and watch as the orc of your choice turns into a brain-washed blubbering mess.

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