10 Video Game Weapons That Let You Destroy Entire Worlds

Can you feel the disturbance in the Force?

Stellaris Colossus planet killer
Paradox Interactive

Video games offer the ultimate fantasy experience. Whether it's by giving you a weapon that kills hordes of enemies with ease or a super power that bends the laws of physics to your will, the goal is usually to help you satisfy that odd urge for wanton destruction and carnage.

In fact, some games are so generous when it comes to scratching your violent spot that they not only let you kill a bunch of goons and monsters but also destroy entire planets! The toys they bring to the table go beyond the typical spectrum of devastation and provide an incredibly flashy, if not slightly terrifying, show.

As it turns out, there are plenty of ways to turn a world into a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape. You can blow it up with a nuke, splice it in half with a laser, or perhaps go for the more sophisticated approach of drowning it in an endless ocean of water.

Whichever method strikes your fancy, you've got to check these weapons out!

10. Planet Buster, Fanatical Frenzy And Gravitation Wave - Spore

Stellaris Colossus planet killer

Spore, the galactic life simulation, lets you create your own species and take it from being a single-cell organism in the primordial soup to an interplanted empire of the future. The game offers you different paths on your way to the stars, and with them, a variety of options to end billions of lives at once.

The game features three space-stage weapons that are capable of creating a planetary-scale apocalypse. The first one, accessible to every empire in the game, is the Planet Buster, a powerful bomb that, when dropped on a world, will immediately explode its core and turn it into a giant flaming ball of death.

However, if you don't quite feel like absolutely destroying a perfectly habitable world, the game also includes less catastrophic (though by no means humane) alternatives. Empires that follow the philosophy of Science gain access to a powerful Gravitational Wave that erases all sentient life off the face of your future colony. And if you feel somewhat merciful, the philosophy of the Zealot offers you a Fanatical Frenzy laser that brainwashes every single alien on the planet into following your religion.

Variety is the spice of life. Or, in this case, mass destruction.

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