10 Video Game Weapons That Went Too Far

Because regular guns and swords are boring as hell.


Weapons and video games are inexorably connected. Take even the simplest game, like Pong, and it's a good bet that someone tried to figure out how to add lasers to the paddles or make the ball explode or something.

We take integrated weapons so much for granted now that handling them has become an almost engrained skill, with most gamers able to pick up any FPS game and be aiming down the sights, reloading and popping heads like grapes in short order.

Every now and then, however, a game comes along that throws a complete curveball at you; a weapon so bizarre that it seems positive the creators were either experimenting with a potion cooked up by Cobra's Dr. Mindbender or were tucked away deep in the bowels of Arkham Asylum, giggling as they created their bonkers instruments of death.

In some cases, the weapons on this list are simply over-efficient at killing, using ridiculous amounts of firepower to make sure nothing walks away. Others are simply ridiculous, but so much fun to use that you'll find yourself using them over and over just because you'll laugh like a kid with a new toy every time you pull the trigger.

Let's dig further into the arsenal of the mad, shall we?

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