10 Video Game Weapons With Hidden Potential EVERYONE Missed

Sometimes starter weapons are all you need.

bioshock wrench

A really powerful weapon can make any game extra fun. There is something incredibly satisfying about finding an item that allows you to breeze through hordes of enemies or take down a huge boss with just a couple of swings of your new and flashy toy.

However, not every amazing weapon starts off enormously strong. Some are given to the player as inconspicuous items that, over time, can be turned into some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Weapons like these can offer far more enjoyment than an overpowered item you get right off the bat. Turning them into something useful or unique is a whole journey of its own, and it helps you get attached to your weapon of choice as you beat the whole game.

Instead of getting instant gratification from killing a bunch of enemies with an overpowered item and then getting bored, maybe you want to experience the satisfaction of taking something simple and turning it into a force to be reckoned with?

Let's discover some weapons that hide great potential behind dull exteriors.

10. Shotgun - Resident Evil 4

bioshock wrench

The base shotgun you find at the beginning of Resident Evil 4 is a useful weapon early on, but it gets easily outclassed by most of the guns you get access to later in the game. It doesn't have the same stagger effect that other shotguns get, and its poor range fails in comparison to the riot gun.

Because of this, most players tend to replace the base shotgun with a better model as soon as they get a chance.

If for some reason you do decide to keep the shotgun, however, you might be shocked to learn that its final upgrade makes it supremely powerful. The game doesn't explain this well, stating that the upgrade "significantly increases the destructive power of the weapon for long distance targets". In reality though, the upgraded shotgun actually makes it so that enemies hit by at least one stray pellet will get damaged as if they were hit by ALL of them.

This perk makes the shotgun incredibly effective against groups of enemies at short and medium range, and pretty much negates its inability to stagger enemies at a longer distance too, as even chip damage will instantly put them down.

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