10 Video Game Weapons With Hidden Potential EVERYONE Missed

9. Muramasa - Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

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At first glance, the Muramasa sword doesn't seem like the best choice in Symphony of the Night. It reduces your attack and defence by quite a bit, and its special ability, which heals Alucard with the blood of his enemies, is shared with Gurthang, which has significantly better stats.

On top of that, the weapon can jam and cause Alucard to miss entirely.

However, Muramasa has a secret gimmick that can actually turn it into the most powerful weapon in the game: This sword scales every time Alucard uses its healing ability.

Muramasa accumulates points for each use of this ability, and with enough of these points, the sword levels up its attack. Each new upgrade requires more points, and in order for Muramasa to reach its peak potential of +999 attack, you have to trigger its ability a whopping one million times.

This said, it only takes a thousand blood heals in order for Muramasa to reach the attack of Masamune, the legendary katana that has one of the highest attack stats in the game.

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