10 Video Game Weapons You Cheated To Get

It feels even better to wield a weapon you shouldn't have.

Squall Lion Heart

Video game cheats go back a long way and, as such, they've evolved over time.

It's not always about pushing in pre-ordained codes (although that is one way to go) but it can include all manner of things. Perhaps you took advantage of an oversight or a break in a system, rifled through the code to find hidden content or simply stumbled into something that the developers made a mistake on.

The important thing is that you did it, you can't undo it and now you're playing the game a way that was perhaps not intended. You cheeky scamp.

Because let's not lie to ourselves, it's fun to cheat in video games. Cheats can make us feel powerful, especially if we use them to get access to weapons we otherwise shouldn't have had. After all, weapons are the beating heart of many a great game. We want to take up mighty arms at our foes and the bigger and more ridiculous the better.

This list looks at big and ridiculous weapons but, more to the point, times when gamers cheated to wield them.

10. Daedric Weapons - Skyrim

Squall Lion Heart

Crafting Daedric armour and weapons in Skyrim is a time consuming process at the best of times but as the best equipment in the game it’s an investment that pays off along your journey.

Or you can cheat and get it before your journey really starts as it’s possible to get before you’ve even levelled up once.

The full list of components is long but most of the process involves being very patient and making many safety saves because there’s a lot of thievery afoot. Guides exist to tell players the best locations to acquire the likes of ebony ingots, void salts and the ever important Daedra Hearts. The player will also, very importantly, need a wooden plate.

This cheat uses a couple of glitches. First of all, the Hall of Attainment in the College of Winterhold has a slight boundary break glitch. Whilst sprinting at a particular pillar with the plate equipped, it’s possible to see a chest containing the Sigil Stone - an important key to crafting your Daedric wares.

Furthermore, players only really need to collect one of every ingredient, as an item duplication glitch using a companion will eventually get them everything they need.

It’s a long process but it’s absolutely possible to get Daedric equipment as a level 1 character. Considering just how replayable Skyrim is with its seemingly endless list of build ideas, playing the whole game with the best wares is definitely one way to go… if you’ve got the skills and the patience.


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