10 Video Game Weapons You Probably Never Found

Yes this gun shoots exploding chickens.

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We've all spent hours searching for hidden equipment, armour and weapons in our favourite games, grinding objectives and exploring every nook and cranny. Sometimes these weapons can be unlockable rewards for completing quests or perhaps purchased for insane amounts of in-game currency that we have to grind to collect.

Perhaps they are even stashed away on hard to reach platforms or areas in a level or map, requiring an inquisitive mind or elaborate manoeuvre to stumble upon. It's always a great experience to finally get your hands on these hard to find tools of destruction, whether they are devastatingly powerful or downright hilarious in nature.

However occasionally developers hide this items in extremely difficult to access areas or set prerequisite challenge so great that many of us never even knew they existed. Through elaborate Easter eggs and tediously difficult tasks, there are many guns, swords and more items that are so well hidden that many of us never came across them ourselves.

Let's take a look at 10 video game weapons so well hidden, difficult or obscure to unlock that you probably never found them.

10. Golden Gun - GoldenEye 007

You may remember that in the classic Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, villain Francisco Scaramanga brandishes the shiny pistol as his weapon of choice. This iconic item is actually obtainable in Nintendo 64 game, Goldeneye 007 - only obtainable via a specific puzzle on a bonus level you may never have found in the first place.

During the final bonus mission, Egyptian, players will come across a tiled room where the golden gun sits within a glass case on a pedestal. If you do not step on the tiles to reach the pedestal in the correct order, the gun will be locked within it's glass case and remain inaccessible, as well as triggering drone guns to emerge from four alcoves to try and take you out. If you walk a specific route to the weapon you will be able to take it, but there are no hints or clues as to the correct walking pattern - meaning most players were none the wiser.

The golden gun is capable of killing almost any enemy in the game with just one shot, although it needs to be reloaded every time you fire it.

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