10 Video Game Weapons You Probably Never Found

9. Cluckshot - Gears Of War 3

Gears of War is a franchise that we know has a pretty serious tone. Contrary to the established tone though, Gear of War 3 provides an absurd weapon Easter Egg that many players didn't realise even existed. The weapon in question is the Cluckshot: a variation on the Boomshot grenade launcher that fires exploding chickens.

There are a couple of ways you could have gotten Marcus Fenix's meaty mitts on this gun, and the easier one is during the first chapter of the first act of the game. After raising a platform near a wall with graffiti, you can hop over a barrier to find a dead gear with the Cluckshot weapon next to him. Grab that badboy.

The second opportunity to grab this chicken launcher is more complex and is available during Act 4, Chapter 1 on Insane difficulty. Following a lengthy series of events to trigger an Easter egg, a chicken wearing a pirate hat will fly around in a plane made of ammo crates, dropping four Cluckshots for the you to cause chaos with.

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