10 Video Game Weapons You'd Be Crazy To Actually Use

It's called 'The Suicide Gun' for a reason...

When it comes to action games, the very best ones are only as good as the weapons they let players wield. Across the medium there have been countless guns, knives, sticks, explosives and machines that literally launch cows onto the heads of enemies that players have fallen in love with, and a solid arsenal can often be enough to elevate a game in the minds of fans.

It's why there's been an endless debate over which video game shotgun feels the best (which we obviously weighed in on here). It's all about the look, the feel and the power of a weapon that combine together to lock it into the god tier. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, there are tools of destruction that are so useless, or come with so many drawbacks, that they leave you wondering whether or not they were ever intended to be used in the first place.

Sometimes, that assessment is spot on, and these features are thrown in as a joke, but other times the intent isn't so clear. Either way, you have to be crazy to actually rely on them as part of your standard arsenal, as they're way more hassle to mess around with than they're worth.

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