10 Video Game Weapons You'd Be Crazy To Actually Use

10. The Suicide Gun - Duck Game

Duck Game
Adult Swim Games

Unlike other entries on this list, The Suicide Gun is purposefully a trick. Duck Game is all about frantic multiplayer side-scrolling firefights, boasting a whole selection of different guns that players need to pick up to turn the tide on their opponents.

In some cases, the best weapons can be found in mystery boxes, as players scramble to unload the contents of this random drop into the faces of other players. However, not taking a second to actually check what you've been awarded can result in you not realising you've just equipped the Suicide Gun, and about to unload a bunch of bullets into your own face.

The game's pixel art style actually plays into hiding the gun's properties as well. While the name is a dead giveaway, you might not notice the barrel is actually pointed towards you, leading to you shooting yourself.

Though it's tricky, there is a way to use the gun to actually attack other plays, but it's not worth taking the time to figure that out.

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