10 Video Game Weapons You'd Be Crazy To Actually Use

7. The Bane - Borderlands 2

This is a weapon that I had to double, triple and then quadruple check before including on this list because I was convinced it was a joke, but The Bane from Borderlands 2 is, sadly, real. Even before you pick it up yourself, you're warned about it, with it being described as a cursed weapon, but because you've played plenty of games before, you probably think you know what to expect: a gun that will be extremely powerful, but will be just as harmful to you as it is your enemies.

It wouldn't be Borderlands if the twist was that predictable though, and while the weapon is hiding a devastating drawback underneath its ridiculously high stats, it's actually an attack on the player's ears rather than their character.

Because, every time you swap to the weapon, it will let out a shriek of "SWAPPING WEAPONS!", while every single bullet will let out its own high-pitched noise. Consequently, the only real way to make effective use of the weapon is to turn the volume of the TV all the way down. - and even then it'll have probably imprinted itself into your brain so you hear it anyway.

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