10 Video Game World Records THAT WERE COMPLETE LIES

9. Super Meat Boy - ExoSDA

Mario 64 long nose
Team Meat

Due to Super Meat Boy's gruelling platforming sections and punishing difficulty, it became popular with speedrunners almost immediately. For over a year, a player called ExoSDA held the world record for completing the game, with a time of 18:39.

Eventually, players noticed something about one of the game's features that, although minor, reverberated around the Super Meat Boy speedrunning community. When one level transitions to another, a save icon of Bandage Girl appears at the bottom left of the screen. This icon always has the same animation cycle; Bandage Girl holds her hands up for 20 frames per second and then drops them for 20 frames per second. If a player completed a level while Bandage Girl's hands were up for 10fps, the next level would start with her continuing that animation so she would hold her hands up for another 10fps.

When moderators realised this, they double-checked the best runs of Super Meat Boy and realised Bandage Girl's animations didn't line up for ExoSDA's run, proving he spliced the footage. This revelation was extra disappointing since ExoSDA's playthrough was directly responsible for popularising Super Meat Boy speed-runs.


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