10 Video Games 90s Kids Never Forgot

9. Resident Evil

Need for speed underground 2

Being born in the nineties did have one huge caveat … you were a child when the first resident evil game was released. It's a masterclass in building atmosphere and it terrifies any young gamer that's (un)fortunate enough to try it.

It's a B movie story told in an environment that oozes horror from every aspect of its design. Claustrophobic fixed camera angles keep you perched at the end of your seat in suspicion of what lies around every single corner. The clunky but tolerable controls give a strange delay which heightens the danger and paradoxically works in its favour.

Progressing by opening the old creaky doors of the mansion while hearing a devilishly clever soundtrack, that knows the value in subtlety, gives the game a palpable eeriness and occasionally manages to instil dread in the player.

It was this combination of mechanics and clever atmospheric tension building that make it a game that's difficult to forget... but mostly because it stopped you sleeping peacefully for a month.


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