10 Video Games Arachnophobes Could Never Handle

"Is it on me?! It... it feels like it's on me!"

Just about everyone is scared of spiders. Even if you say you're not, there'll come a day where you stumble across the biggest, hairiest and creepiest eight-legged terror staring you straight in the face and be reduced to nothing but a a quivering mess. And unfortunately for us arachnophobes, video games just love tapping into this primal fear. Because really, ever since you picked up a controller as a kid you've probably never stopped encountering spider-like enemies in your video games. Whether it's in the best RPGs or your survival horror shooters, game developers have seemingly never managed to work out their crippling fear of arachnids. Of course, not ones to just let their phobias bubble under the surface, developers use it to create the worst nightmare fuel for every arachnophobe brave enough to play their game. While most players can get over their fears for the sake of a level or so, there are some titles that absolutely relish bombarding you with the most grotesque video game creatures they can conjure up. Chest-puffing readers may scoff at the enemies on this list, but simply ask anyone who's a bit squeamish how they fared, and they'll swiftly point to the corner of the room they locked themselves away in.
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